Overcoming Holiday Stress For Seniors And Caregivers

18 Dec Overcoming Holiday Stress For Seniors And Caregivers

While the holiday season is filled with wonder and magic for many, it is important to acknowledge that not everyone looks forward to this time of year with the same eager anticipation. In fact, the holidays can be a very stressful time for many. Between financial obligations, family drama, grief and health concerns – this time of year can be a melting pot where all of life’s stressors come to the surface.

Holiday stress may come from different pain points for seniors and caregivers alike, but the emotions are common – sadness and anxiety. So, what can we do to help ourselves and those we love?


We can all identify a time where a conflict has been caused by a lack of communication. Communication is key during the holidays. Is there someone in your family that acts as the ringleader, organizing everyone and ensuring nothing gets missed? Are you that person? Make sure to make plans with your family well in advance. Reach out and do not expect anyone else to make plans for you.

Providing support

The holidays have a special way of making us reminisce on the best of times with those we love the most. But for many, these people are no longer with us. A common reaction to this is to avoid the topic entirely but according to Mental Health America, sharing stories and memories about those we have lost supports the grieving process. So, share stories, tell tales and think back fondly with no guilt.

Avoiding social pressures

Often, tradition over the years takes precedence over our capabilities at a specific point in time. If the thought of cooking a complete dinner like all the holidays before is stressing you out, it is time to rethink this plan. Try asking everyone in attendance to bring a dish of their own and only taking responsibility for one item that you are comfortable with – a holiday potluck!

Offer a helping hand

Everyone can help in some way. Offer to take a friend grocery shopping, bake cookies or write holiday cards together. Hang up a neighbours Christmas lights. Organize a group trip to a department store. Even just extending the offer can move mountains for those that need it most.

Because the holidays have been branded as the “most wonderful” time of the year, sometimes conflicting feelings are difficult to acknowledge.  This is December, give yourself and your loved ones some grace by using these tips as you need them.

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