Transitioning a Loved One to Senior Living

28 Mar Transitioning a Loved One to Senior Living

Transitioning to senior living is the perfect solution for our aging parents and loved ones. They are able to experience the freedom they are used to at home, along with wonderful benefits offered by the community and around the clock care, should they need it. But even with all of these perks, the transition to retirement living isn’t always that easy. This is especially true when our loved ones are resistant to the change or believe that retirement living isn’t for them.

Helping them prepare for this new chapter

It is common for us to hear that a someone just “doesn’t feel they are ready” or that they don’t need to be in a senior living community. Change is scary, and this is especially true after many, many years of routine. This fear can manifest itself in many different forms and all are perfectly natural. We always tell families to remain as consistently supportive and empathetic as possible to their family member. That is easier said than done when coping with negative emotions, but know that often times, these types of emotions come from a place of fear.

Address their concerns and beliefs about senior living

When faced with the reality of leaving home for senior living, this would be an emotionally charged event for any one of us. We find it helps to address the specific concerns and worries your loved ones have about living in a retirement community. Frequently these concerns have to do with the feeling of a loss of control or independence. By outlining all of the ways in which your parent will still be able to live the life they want, independently, will help them understand that senior living is not about controlling them or sacrifice.

Ease into the change

The new living arrangements will take some time to get used to. Things will be different for them but that doesn’t mean that they can’t enjoy themselves and make the best of it. Help them get to know their new home and the community that surrounds it. It also helps to familiarize yourself with the daily schedule so you can help your mom or dad get involved and find activities that you know will interest them. Talking to your loved ones about resilience can be helpful at this stage of the process too. So can regular visits, and encouraging them to get involved and embrace their new home.

Release the guilt

You probably feel guilty.  More so if your loved one is less than enthused about the transition.  Coping with your own feelings should be a priority. Many families put unrealistic expectations on themselves to be the sole caregiver for their parents. Add in your own children, responsibilities and employment and it is easy to see that one person cannot do it all, and that is OK. Peachtree Senior Living group of homes provides an environment where your parent can thrive and build relationships, and where you can relax knowing they are in the care of trained professionals.

Contact us today. We would love to talk to you about how we can make the transition to senior living as seamless as possible.

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